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Good photos on your website grab visitors' attention and encourage them to explore your content. As explained below, you can add photos to the header section — as well as other sections of your page. There's no limit on the image's file size but it must be formatted as a .png or .jpeg/.jpg file before it can be uploaded.

Note: These steps can be used to add a photo or replace an existing one. If you want to use a solid color for your first section instead, see Reemplazar foto de portada con color uniforme.

  1. Click Edit/Edit Site.
  2. Haz clic en cualquier sección, salvo en las secciones Contáctanos o Pie de página.
  3. If you click the first section (the header), click Cover Image in the Header panel.
    click cover image button
  4. For other sections containing photos, click on the picture you want to replace.
    click on section photo
  5. Use the right panel to:
    • Add a new photo by clicking the My Images panel, click the Add button, and navigate to the photo you want to use. (To add multiple images at a time, just tap each one (mobile phone/tablet) or click each one while pressing Ctrl/Command (desktop computer).
    • Replace a photo with one you've already uploaded by clicking it in the My Images photo grid.
      click replacement photo

      Note: You also can click Stock Images below the My Images button to select a royalty free photo. See Elegir imagen de archivo.

  6. Click the left-pointing arrow to return to the image-editing panel, which you can use to crop or rotate a photo. See Editar foto.
  7. Your changes are saved automatically so when you're finished, click Preview to see the results, and, if you like, use another of your domains or buy a new one.
  8. When you're ready to make the changes public, click Publish Site (mobile phone) or Publish (desktop/tablet).

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